Monday, June 13, 2011

I got some really cool safari pants

     This morning I awoke to an email from Travelocity informing me that they had "rescheduled" my itinerary. This included an 18 hour layover in Paris and arriving in Madrid 12 hours after my flight to Fes. So I panicked, called Travelocity, and demanded that they get me to Madrid by 3 PM on June 15th. Needless to say, I got a great itinerary. Now I have a direct flight from Seattle to Paris on AirFrance!
     I ran some errands after that, picked up some cashier's checks to pay my tuition and 95 Euros to last me the first few days and then I went to the mall to try and find another piece of appropriate clothing. I was hoping to find a conservative maxi dress and then a light cardigan to cover my shoulders and arms, but I couldn't find anything quite right. As of now, I still do not know what people in Morocco will be wearing or what is acceptable for me to wear, but I'm planning on buying most of my clothes there. I did find these really cool safari-type pants that I'm excited about that make me look like a French journalist.
     I decided on Tully's coffee and Ferrero Rocher chocolates as gifts for my host family since I am still not sure if I will even have one, more or less who they are. I haven't even started packing yet, but I'm only bringing one big backpack and then a smaller one, so as long as I have the necessities, I should be good. So hopefully the next time I write, I'll be on my way to Fes!

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